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Key management
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Key, key, generally refers to the production, the encryption is applied to life, to personal information, corporate secrets for effective monitoring, key management is the key management actions, such as encrypt, decrypt, crack, etc.

Key management, including from key to key aspects of the destruction. Is expressed mainly in the management system, management agreements and key generation, distribution, replacement and injection. The military computer network systems, because the user mobile, affiliations and collaborative operations command complex, therefore, put forward higher requirements for key management.

Key generation

The key length should be long enough. In General, the larger the key length, key that corresponds to the greater space, using brute force password guessing by an attacker more difficult.

Select the key to prevent weak keys. Random bit string generated by the automatic processing equipment is the key, select key, select a weak keys should be avoided.

For public key cryptography, key generation is more difficult, because the key must meet certain mathematical characteristics.

Key generation may be implemented by means of online or offline interactive consultations, such as cryptographic protocols, and so on.