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Key management system
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Public-key cipher keys are easier to administer. No matter how many people are on the network, each person has only one public key.

Using a public/private key pair is not enough. Any public key cryptography requires good encryption key and digital signature keys separately. But a separate encryption and signing key pair is not enough. As much as ID, the private key proves that a relationship, and there's more than one relationship. As Alice, respectively in a personal capacity, the company's Vice President name a file signature.

United pilot commercial banks financial IC card, Bank key control and management at all levels, is essential to system security.

The RT-KMS key management system follows the China financial IC (IC) card standard (v 1.0) and the banking IC card of joint pilot programme for technology, the convenience of the members based on their own

Hairpin, realize the card reading machines sharing, complete off-site bank transactions.

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