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Key technology
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Symmetric key management. Symmetric encryption is implemented based on shared secret. Both sides using symmetric encryption technology must ensure that the use of the same key, make sure each key exchange is safe and reliable, while leak and change the setting to prevent key key program. Thus, symmetric key management and distribution efforts will turn into a potentially dangerous and tedious process.  Realizing symmetric key with public key encryption technology management so that appropriate management easier and safer, in pure symmetric key modes are also solved reliability issues and identify problems. 

Trading parties can exchange information every time (such as the EDI interchange) generated only a symmetric key using the public key to encrypt the key, then the encrypted key and uses this key to encrypt messages (such as EDI interchange) are sent to the appropriate party. Due to the exchange of information at a time corresponds to generate a unique key, so the key parties no longer need to be maintained and worry about keys leaking or expired. Another advantage of this approach is, even gave away a key only affects a transaction, all trading relationships that would not affect the trade between the two sides. This approach also provides trading partners released a security approach to symmetric key.