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Multifunctional visitor registration system
- Dec 12, 2016 -

In building a harmonious society under the guidance of the policy and how to deal with terrorism and public health emergency, the strengthening of internal security management, close security gaps, and ensure the personal safety and property security of the masses, became the new topics in the new situation and new challenges to the Security Department of important.

The traditional "artificial visitor registration" civil defense program: guests visiting the doorman asked it to produce documents or brief inquiry – the guard on the requirements of the guests in the visitors book for visitor registration, short's complete name, document number, time of visit, visit subject matter such as information-release, some units may issue visitor form for future reference. Management of such visitors, over a long period of time, to defend security, and play its due role. With the development of the times, the universal application of information technology, and management tools continuously updated its shortcomings more obvious.