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On patrol in the Internet era, higher demands
- Dec 12, 2016 -

1, how to master the RUC patrol movements, OK RUC patrol according to a predetermined route or area? How to quickly and effectively control the team?

2, how to spot and Center instruction with an instant and intuitive form to upload orders?

3, emergency and critical situations how to achieve fast, accurate scheduling?

4, how to reasonably structured, analysis of security information, efficient and scientific management decision making?

"Patrol the tube pass" the full realization of the Internet era "patrolling" new model of inspections through intranet traffic control management, but can also be achieved via the Internet, combined with the mobile Internet via mobile phone can also implement inspections dispatch management.


1, day and night automatically records the whole process: the position is clear; the whole process of recording according to the time and place of the query.

2, move "camera" can combine real-time photographs, imaging, real-time automatic upload small images back to the Center.

3, scheduling instructions easily and effectively: point (fixed surveillance squat), lines (routes), surface (inspections) issued instructions at any time; external images (such as fixed monitors "suspect" a photo) to automatically release; instructions quickly and efficiently.

4 makes it easy for management, behavior analysis: a complete and automated behavior analysis: including stops (to automatically distinguish between indoor and outdoor travel), fixed point inspections, squat-point inspections, regional inspection, inspections in real time-length long, analysis can be corrected automatically remind players, really no vulnerability management.

5, performance assessment: scheduling effect intensity of inspections, inspections to density, rate and upload the manual scoring and patrolled by security guards in the behavior analysis to comprehensive evaluation of the performance of security personnel, makes a strong team even has a scientific basis.