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Patrol system composition and characteristics
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Guard Tour systems including: patrolling bars, personnel, communications, patrol point (optional), events (optional), the management software (stand-alone, local and network editions) and other major parts, as shown in the figure.

Patrol stick: patrol officers carry, for inspection

Communication or data lines: for connection inspection and computer communications equipment

Patrol: layout in the inspection line, no power supply, no wiring

Management software: for queries, statistics for managers using

Staff card: used to replace patrol officers

Charger: charge to patrol

Events: events that may occur can be entered in advance, when patrol read events Note: a Management Center can be equipped with a communication line, a set of management software, multiple card inspection/patrolling bars, multiple locations; people can according to user's selection to separate inspection; luminous labels used to indicate night, optional.

Electronic patrol system classification: contact electronic patrol system, induction type electronic patrol system, online guard tour system, GPS data logging system