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Patrol system development
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Electronic patrol system both as a security product or as a marginalization of Office products are products, not very mainstream, but they are also indispensable. You may have seen in his district home, a security guard holding patrol, visits in the community, which is very close to all of life, is posted where to use the people's feeling. Electronic guard tour products of significance is more of a supervisory role, supervision of patrol officers on visits as required, strictly speaking is out of the security products. In recent years, electronic patrol equipment is introduced biometrics, technologies such as remote monitoring applications.

Traditional patrol can tell regulators what at what time to get to where inspection information is real-time feedback can immediately reflect the problems, are also needed in today's equipment. Thus, new products and product before the main difference lies in the real-time enhancement. After all, for the new system, when it is detached from access control systems work, is that you can do real-time concerns location of patrol officers, after reading the card information will return to the Central Administration, managers will see immediately. But for traditional equipment, and its installation is difficult, need wiring, but also transmitted by environment as well as the impact of distance, resulting in a relatively narrow applications.

Subsequently, the domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises to gradually abandon the wiring patrol, using offline patrol, can withstand the impact from the environment, because it is a collection, so there's no need to wiring. However, this configuration also has drawbacks: unable to complete online real time patrol-patrol-offline must come back after patrol officers patrol through leadership record, became ex-post monitoring. For important occasions, such as force, public security, fire fighting, police major departments is no doubt very difficult to accept.