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Principle of the patrol system
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Will tour more points placed in patrol route of key points Shang, security in patrol of process in the with carry carry of tour more Rod read himself of personnel points, then by line order read tour more points, in read tour more points of process in the, as found burst event can at any time read event points, tour more Rod will tour more points number and the read time save for a article patrol records. Regular communications will patrol patrol Rod records uploaded to the computer. Management software to set patrols planned with actual records, patrol missed, delayed statistical reports can be obtained through these reports can be a true reflection of actual completion of the patrol.

Function and effect

Patrol system is simple, as the basic configuration of the security patrols, the popularity growing; after the inspection tour of the more feature-rich, the special suit tailored to customers. At present, the electronic guard tour patrol system widely used in society, through the display of sales in recent years, showing a steady rising trend.

Traditional patrol system implementation relies primarily on patrol the consciousness of managers for patrol work quality can only make qualitative assessments, easier to patrol a mere formality, there is an urgent need to strengthen performance evaluation, change traditional forms to patrol lax supervision of management. Patrol system can solve the puzzle to make it management more scientific and accurate.