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​Contact Inductive Patrol And Patrol Those Differences?
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Off-patrol/patrol system consists of TM card contact and both RFID sensors. Two types of card reader patrol product is different.

TM-contact: more than 15 years of production history, durability, low failure rate, damage resistance, long battery life and so on. More mainstream products in the market has been a global tour, "all Almighty patrol" the beauty of Yu. Patrol and patrol pen point full metal design, the service life of 15 years, high temperatures are not afraid fire, corrosion and acid base, free from electromagnetic interference, destruction rain, snow. Limitations, read cards need to patrol rod and gently touch the patrol point. Patrol rod and patrol points can reach the friction and wear of more than 1 million times normal after use!

RFID inductive: with the development of RFID and inductive patrol developed step by step. Their biggest advantage is having contact with card reader, close sensor. Can patrol shallow into the wall (only non-metal, if they were to be installed on the metal surface can only be pasted). Waterproof, durable resistance to fall. Deficiencies are patrolling bars and patrol points can not be completely metal housing, patrol pen card reader heads and patrol point for plastic material. On the robustness and relative service life-contact guard tour less.