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90% Does Not Match The Traditional Patrol System
- Dec 12, 2016 -

As a patrol product user or wait-and-see, do you ever stop and think, why spend a lot of money and energy using patrol products but did not play a big role is simply not even up yet? It is because you are using a traditional patrol with Achilles and many defects, a faulty product, an immature system how can you put up? If not, abandon the use of, it is a matter of course.

Each time you upload and query data must be done on a specified computer, once the computer hardware and software failures will result in loss of data, the consequences would be unthinkable. Just like putting all your eggs in one basket, as desperate and this is the traditional patrol fatal weakness.

In the security room, upload record for Security Manager must query the data query to the Security Office, not only wastes a lot of time, is not convenient to query;

In the Manager's Office, upload patrol records of security must go to the Manager's Office when it takes up its computer, sharing a computer is convenience is obvious;

They cannot do both, so the computer exactly what to put where, has become a daunting problem.