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Door Electric Lock Disabled Categories And Their Features
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Access control electric locks are commonly used: plug electric locks, magnetic locks, electric lock, electronic lock (press coverage).

Plug electric locks according to the number of wires can be divided into two lines plug electric locks, four-wire plug electric locks, five-wire plug electric locks, and eight-wire plug electric locks.

1) two wire plug electric locks

There are two wires, red and black, red power +12VDC, black GND. Disconnect any wires, locks back door open. Two-wire electric lock design is simple, no single chip microcomputer control circuits, lock easy to heat hot, relatively large current, which belongs to the lower price of low-grade electric mortise lock.

2) the four-wire plug electric locks

There are two wires, red and black, red power +12VDC, black GND. There are two white lines, is a magnetic signal lines, reflecting the opening and closing of the door. Through the door sensor, according to the on or off state of the current, output switch different signal to the access controller judgment, such as illegal access intrusion alarm, door is not closed for a long time and other functions rely on these signals to determine, if you do not need these features, magnetic signal lines can not pick up. Four-wire plug electric locks with single-chip controller, fever, benign, with delay control, with signal output, belonging to the cost-effective common types of electric locks.