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Inductive Patrol Point Selection Considerations
- Dec 12, 2016 -

What is the patrol:

Patrol is essential during the patrol officers to patrol electronic patrol system Accessories, and its main use is placed on a security patrol on the main line, beat officers patrol rod according to patrol routes were read each patrol point, patrol officers arrived at various locations in the recorded time, date, place, name, and ultimately achieve management objectives.

Inductive patrol point selection:

The shell follows: wind-proof, anti-UV

Patrol point installation outdoors, experiencing rain the Sun for a long time, ordinary plastic discolored, brittle. Use UV-resistant polycarbonate shell (bullet proof glass) to avoid this problem, thereby extending the life of patrol.

II anti-disassembly

In order to play a role in supervision and management patrol, patrol point installation is also a critical step, patrol point equipped with tamper-resistant screen, can effectively prevent disassemble patrol patrol point back to the Office, caused by cheating.

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