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Inspection System Requirements
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Tour system is the first use of mobile phone APP + Bluetooth location for intelligent inspection and control system work management inspection system.Only in the mobile phone to install app software, you can turn the phone into a smart inspection equipment

Patrol work management of the traditional implementation method is to use paper form sign or use patrol stick patrol RBI to achieve. Paper material sign there is a sign of paper damage, Guard Tour System the remarks incomplete information, work verification cumbersome, the relevant matters can not follow up and other issues; and patrol stick from the original RBI record to the back of the development of RFID technology or GPS technology special equipment inspection , To solve some of the problems of paper inspection, but the background management based on the PC client solution to the fixed-point work management and chaos, disorder, inefficient problem.

What is the patrol system?

1) based on the location of the installation of Bluetooth recognition module, Guard Tour System used to locate personnel in place;

2) inspectors download and install the owl intelligent patrol APP software;

3) management personnel according to the needs of the work through the management of the background set inspection routes, Guard Tour System inspection content and other work requirements;

4) inspection personnel to start inspection;

5) After the inspector arrives at the designated position in the route, the Bluetooth recognition module can take the initiative to identify the mobile phone position and trigger the inspection content according to the inspection route requirements;

6) Guard Tour System inspection staff to check the contents of the inspection and labeling; if necessary, can also record the corresponding items through the phone and photo records.

7) inspection staff to complete the inspection work after the inspection content submitted to complete the inspection;

8) management personnel from the background at any time to check the inspection staff log and inspection content;

9) management background can also customize the message push mechanism, Guard Tour System the relevant inspection data sent to the designated personnel phone.

The inspection system is designed to monitor leaks by permanent or temporary installation of noise loggers on pipelines, to detect anomalies in real time and to feed back to the user units in real time.

Application meaning

1. To prevent sudden burst pipe incident, ahead of the discovery of problems, take timely measures to ensure the safe operation of water supply pipe network.

2. Reduce water consumption, improve water quality.

3. To solve the human ear is difficult to judge the leak, Guard Tour System the maximum reduction in leakage.

4. Digital management: the network to make a reliable assessment of the situation, through the daily data accumulated, comparative analysis of old and new data, the systematically study and analyze the operation of pipe network, put forward solutions, and contribute to the sudden events, Make the right judgment.

5. Office management: only in the office can be well aware of the situation of the pipe network to reduce the workload of the scene.