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Intellectualization Of Intelligent Key Management System
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The Intelligent Key Management system integrates the new concept of modern management and computer and network technology, and has a scientific and centralized management of key, which has the features of safety, convenience and powerful management. Intelligent Key Management System It can strictly manage the authorized key, and can record the key user's situation in detail. To the greatest extent possible to solve the problems caused by improper management of keys.

Intelligent Key Management system is a large number of key management and design, it through RFID electronic tag identification technology to the key of a comprehensive scientific and centralized management, with intelligent, safe, convenient, efficient, powerful features. It is one of the products of the development and application of IoT.

The key person must pass the strict identity authorization, Intelligent Key Management System can obtain from the intelligence cabinet, also the control key. Managers can be combined with their own use of the environment, the staff, the key to the effective setting, but also to facilitate the retrieval of the key and the various relevant information and detailed records of key users. Also through the Internet remote access to the key to manage the control, as far as possible to solve the problems caused by improper management of key issues and events, Intelligent Key Management System at the same time to achieve no scientific management!

The Intelligent Key management system is widely used in such places as government departments, military organs, warehouses, prisons, financial banks, museums, apartments, office buildings, automobiles, locomotives, leasing and entertainment venues. It can be applied wherever it is designed to have key management.

Intelligent Key Management system for some important departments and sites, there are a large number of key needs to be centrally managed and designed, it integrates the management of new ideas and computer technology, the key to a scientific and intelligent centralized management, it has a safe, convenient, Intelligent Key Management System powerful management features. It can strictly manage the authorized key, and can record the key user's situation in detail. Solve the problems and events caused by improper key management as best as possible.

The Intelligent Key Management system fuses the computer application technology, the biometric technology, the access control technology, the communication technology, the network and the technology, realizes the key to take/also the process intelligent management, enhances the key management security, Intelligent Key Management System the intellectualization, the high efficiency, solves the massive because the key management causes the security hidden trouble.

What are the key components of an intelligent Key management system?

Electronic tag anti-theft key bolt, intelligent identification key reading head, control terminal, smart box composed of four parts.

1. Electronic tag anti-theft key bolt: Can be firmly fixed the need to manage the key, you must have a special tool to open, the electronic tag is unique ID number can not be copied, used to bind the key set.

2. Smart Identification key read head: To achieve a quick find the key you need, and record each time, the key to the identity, time, location and other relevant information.

3. Control Terminal: By the meridian/fingerprint living high-end biometric identification technology as the identity authentication, control the inside of the box keys to take, also, Intelligent Key Management System tracking and recording the key process information. Can connect 485/internet for remote BS/CS real-time management.

4. Smart Box: 4 Utility model patent design, thickened steel shell, with advanced paint process with intelligent self-elastic lock