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Intelligent Key Management System Has The Characteristics Of Safety And Convenience
- Sep 07, 2017 -

Intelligent Key Management system is based on a number of important departments and sites, a large number of key needs to be centralized management and design, it integrates the management of new ideas and computer technology, the key to a scientific and centralized management, it has a safe, convenient, powerful management features. Intelligent Key Management System It can strictly manage the authorized key, and can record the key user's situation in detail. Solve the problems and events caused by improper key management as best as possible. It is widely used in: Government departments, military organs, warehouses, prisons, financial banks, transportation, museums, Intelligent Key Management System apartments, office buildings and other places.

The Intelligent Key Management system has the interface of the data line, such as the fingerprint instrument, the printer and the computer.

Smart Keychain provides a variety of color key chain, key to the stainless steel ring connection key chain, do not need special tools to connect keys, intelligent key suppository can be reused;

The return key is fixed and does not affect the system's recognition of the key, higher security

Each key can set the time period of the user and the length of the use. Eliminate staff working hours to remove keys and prevent the key from being taken away from the work area;

Provide warning: When the key is overdue, the keys are forcibly removed, Intelligent Key Management System the door is not closed, error input or insertion of the inefficient key, the system will issue an alarm;

Intelligent Key Management system can manage more than 12 keys, handle no less than 100 (can be customized large 3,000) user data;

Users can be set to not less than a number of different permission levels;

In addition to the basic password, user identification can be compatible with other identification instruments;

The Intelligent Key management system is equipped with emergency treatment method, Intelligent Key Management System which is divided into normal use and equipment failure, in order to ensure that all keys can be extracted in case of emergency;

The Intelligent Key Management system automatically records all the operation information, the host can store not less than 50,000 records, in the machine memory close to the capacity of automatic prompts download;

Different reports can be produced by key, user or time;

Can be based on the key, user, or date of the report, Intelligent Key Management System can provide a one-time user code to the temporary use of staff to borrow keys;

Suspend user, can suspend user's right of use, restrict function, except the user oneself, no other person can make a change to the password of a person;

Set up automatic download record data; Independent operation function, Intelligent Key Management System system can operate independently without computer, carry on various function operation, and keep record information;

Remote management and control of key management systems via TCP/IP