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Intelligent Key Management System Management Function Is Powerful
- Aug 29, 2017 -

Intelligent Key Management system is aimed at some important departments and places, there are a large number of key needs to be centralized management and design, it integrates the management of new ideas and computer technology, the key to a scientific and intelligent centralized management, it has a safe, convenient, Intelligent Key Management System powerful management features. It can strictly manage the authorized key, and can record the key user's situation in detail. Solve the problems and events caused by improper key management as best as possible. It is widely used in: Government departments, military organs, warehouses, prisons, financial banks, museums, apartments, Intelligent Key Management System office buildings and other places. The system of key access authentication using fingerprint identification technology, reliable and stable technology, can effectively eliminate the illegal use of key events; The key that the system manages "lock buckle" on the special key card, store in the key cabinet, not through the normal fingerprint certification, can not open the door and remove the key, the operation of the user access keys, Intelligent Key Management System the computer to register the record, and can print the record; This system has alarm function, when illegally opened the cupboard door and illegally take the key, or timeout to return the key, the system issued an alarm; The system single set (without expansion), can manage 60 (sets) of keys, the system maximum capacity for 30x60 (set)

The composition and function of intelligent Key management system

The product comprises a cabinet body for storing keys;

The key cabinet adopts electrically controlled lock lock;

Center control computer, Intelligent Key Management System monitor and related interface;

A fingerprint collector, Intelligent Key Management System used to collect fingerprints,

Under the authority of the control;

SCM Control part;

Central control software:

Single cabinet body can store 60 keys;

The use of cascading method can be managed as many as 30x60 key;

The cabinet body is made of metal and is resistant to damage.

The key ring with special design can not be removed without authorization.

Intelligent Key Management system function

1. Management of all management personnel, including: name, sex, age (date of birth), position, fingerprint information, key number of the management, etc. 2. An operator can manage multiple keys, and a key can be managed by multiple operators;

3. The keys of some important places can be set up to be taken together by two operators to extract or return;

4. The extraction and return time of the key can be limited, Intelligent Key Management System and several time periods can be defined.

5. Can record the processing of various key cabinets alarm information, such as: Door Cabinet timeout has not closed, illegal open cabinets, illegal extraction keys, Intelligent Key Management System emergency alarm and so on.

6. Operations personnel can be authorized by level, divided into two levels:

A: System administrator, with the highest authority, can set up the system;

B: only key access work;