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Intelligent Key Management System To Achieve Unmanned Scientific Management
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Intelligent key management system combines the modern management of new ideas and computer and network technology, the key centralized management of the scientific, it has the characteristics of security, convenience, powerful management and so on.

Intelligent key management system is a large number of keys for centralized management of the design, it RFID tags through the identification of the key to conduct a comprehensive scientific centralized management, with intelligent, safe, convenient, efficient and powerful features. Intelligent Key Management System It is one of the products developed and applied by the Internet of Things.

Take, but also the key person must pass a rigorous identity authorization, it can be taken from the smart cabinet, but also control the key. Managers can combine their different use of the environment, Intelligent Key Management System the effective personnel and key settings, and can easily access to take, also key a variety of relevant information and detailed records of key users. But also through the Internet remote control of the key to take away the management, Intelligent Key Management System as far as possible to solve the key management problems caused by improper problems and events at the same time to achieve unmanned scientific management!

It is widely used: government agencies, military agencies, warehouses, prisons, financial banks, museums, apartments, office buildings, cars, locomotives, leasing, casinos and other places. Intelligent Key Management System It can be applied wherever it is designed for key management.

What is an important part of smart key management system?

Electronic tag burglar key bolt, intelligent identification key reading head, control terminal, intelligent box composed of four parts.

1. Electronic tag anti-theft key bolt: can be firmly fixed need to manage the key, Intelligent Key Management System you must have special tools can be opened, the electronic tag is an ID number can not be copied, used to bundle the key settings.

2. Intelligent identification key reading head: to quickly find the key you need, Intelligent Key Management System and record each time you take, but also the identity of the key, time, place and other related information.

3. Control terminal:

 By the meridians / fingerprints living high-end biometrics as a certification, control the box keys to take, but also track and record the key process information. You can connect 485 / Internet for remote BS / CS real-time management.

4 smart box: 4 utility model patented design, thicker steel shell, Intelligent Key Management System with advanced paint technology with intelligent self-elastic lock

Intelligent key management system features

(1) All keys contain "smart" memory chips.

(2) All keys are placed in the "smart" key chain lock. Provide 24-hour regulatory functions.

(3) administrators, clerks have a single personal information, only be authorized, the specified time to extract the specified key.

(4) The system is easy to operate, with permission password management.

(5) In case of irregularities (such as illegal intrusion, prying, moving, touching, gas cutting, gas, smoke, etc.), the alarm system will be triggered automatically. 

(6) Automatically record all key access information.

(7) automatically record all the administrator operation photos.

(8) can be connected to a computer or networked computer to print out different statements for verification or management purposes.

(9) new software that enables interconnected network management operations.

(10) Multiple smart key cabinet networking management to accommodate different capacities

Intelligent Key Management System Features

Only authorized personnel can get the key.

Keep track of key usage, without having to check your key information through the check-in book to easily print a key usage report.

You can authorize the key remotely via mobile phone, Intelligent Key Management System IPD and other internet tools.

Without staff management and supervision, the key can be extracted at any time.

Reduce risk and enforce enforcement. Unauthorized or ineligible person can not touch company property.

Improve work efficiency, save production costs, Intelligent Key Management System because we can quickly find the key people.

Lost key, easy to find in time.

Key to obtain / also information remote control, query.

Reduce the accidental loss of property, in the cost savings under the premise of increased management.