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Intelligent Key Management System Using Fingerprint Recognition Technology
- Jun 16, 2017 -

The intelligent key management system is for the military, operating an important key to the electronic intelligent management, especially for a large number of keys need to focus on the management of the unit or department. Integration of the key management of the new ideas and computer technology, if the scientific and intelligent centralized management, with a safe, convenient, powerful management features. Key access authentication using fingerprint identification technology, FRID RF induction technology, password control technology, technical rigorously reliable and stable, can effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal use of key events, intelligent key management system management key "lock" in the dedicated smart key It is stored in the key intelligent management cabinet, does not pass the normal certification, Intelligent Key Management System can not open the door and remove the key; operation of the use of personnel access key, the computer automatically register records, and print the record.

2. Hardware composition

Intelligent key management system mainly by the intelligent key cabinet management one machine, intelligent fingerprint biological control terminal, intelligent key read head, Intelligent Key Management System intelligent key bolt and so on.

3. working principle

Each warehouse custodian is authorized to manage one or more keys, the custodian through the input fingerprint, identity card, password and other verification information, after verification through the key intelligent management door automatically open, belonging to the custodian management of the corresponding The key is released, the indicator light is on, the custodian takes away the key, closes the door, and the intelligent key management system automatically records the picking time and the recipient. When the custodian returns the same key to verify the fingerprint, Intelligent Key Management System after verification, the door open, the key also into the corresponding key, close the door, the same process automatically records the computer.

4. Product features

The intelligent key management system can manage all the relevant information of the management personnel, including: the name of the person, the sex, the age, the duty, the fingerprint information, the key number used;

The intelligent key management system can set a custodian to manage multiple keys, Intelligent Key Management System a key can be managed by multiple custodians;

The intelligent key management system can be used for keys that are specific or important to be set up and must be operated by both custodians to extract or return;

The intelligent key management system can limit the extraction and return time of the key, and can define several time periods.

Intelligent key management system can record the processing of key intelligent management cabinet alarm information, such as: the door is not closed over time;

Intelligent key management system can be authorized by level, divided into two: intelligent key management system administrator, with the highest authority, Intelligent Key Management System the smart key management system can be set, the custodian can only key access work;

You can record all the operations of the intelligent key management system, retrieve, print function;

Can release all the keys in a state of emergency, such as fire, emergency combat readiness and so on.