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Intelligent Key Management System With Special Design
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Intelligent Key Management System and Application

I. Overview The intelligent key management system is for some important departments and places, a large number of keys need to focus on the management of the design, which combines the management of new ideas and computer technology, the key for a scientific, intelligent Centralized management, it has a safe, convenient, powerful management features. It can be strictly authorized by the key management, and a detailed record of the key user's situation. Intelligent Key Management System

As far as possible to solve the key management caused by improper problems and events. It is widely used in: government departments, military institutions, warehouses, prisons, financial banks, museums, apartments, office buildings and other places. The key access management of the intelligent key management system uses fingerprint identification technology, technology is reliable and stable, can effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal use of key events; intelligent key management system management key "lock" in the special key card, Intelligent Key Management System stored in the The key cabinet, not through the normal fingerprint authentication, can not open the door and remove the key; operation personnel access key, the computer registration records, and print the record; the intelligent key management system with alarm function, when illegal Open the door and illegally take the key, or overtime to return the key, intelligent key management system alarm; the intelligent key management system set (without expansion), you can manage 60 (sets) key, Intelligent Key Management System intelligent key management system maximum capacity 30 × 60 to (sets).

Second, the intelligent key management system components and functions

★ fingerprint control device, used to collect personnel fingerprints, according to the authorized control; single-chip control part; Center control software: the central control of the computer, monitor and related interface; fingerprint collector, Intelligent Key Management System A single cabinet can store 60 keys; the use of cascading can manage up to 30 × 60 key; cabinet made of metal, anti-sabotage; the use of specially designed key ring, without authorization can not remove the key.

★ product features

1. Can manage the relevant information of all the managers, Intelligent Key Management System including: the name of the manager, gender, age (date of birth), duties, fingerprint information, the key number;

2. An operator can manage multiple keys, a key can be managed by more than one operator;

3. The key to some important places can be set to be operated by two operators to extract or return;

4. Can be the key extraction and return time to limit, Intelligent Key Management System you can define a few time periods;

5. Can record the handling of various key cabinet alarm information, such as: the door is not closed over time, illegal open counters, illegal extraction keys, emergency alarm and so on.

6. The operator can be authorized by level, divided into two: A: intelligent key management system administrator, with the highest authority, the smart key management system can be set; B: only key access work;

You can record all the operations of the intelligent key management system, with the search, print function;

8. Can release all the keys in a state of emergency, including: fire, emergency combat readiness and so on.

9. Network alarm monitoring function;

 10. Key status indication, including: can be removed / can not be removed, key in place / return and so on.

 11. Anti-hijack function, for example: the operator registered the index finger, hijacked when using other fingers (such as: middle finger) can operate, but can not open the corresponding key, and can send alarm information.

 12. Time alarm, when the key cabinet door open after the timeout has not been closed, intelligent key management system issued a warning message, while locking all the keys;

 13. Host and key cabinet doors are set to open when the alarm;

 14. Double operation interval can be self-defined; Intelligent Key Management System cabinet door opening time can be self-defined.

 Third, the principle and process principle: Each key operator authorized, can manage one and more keys. By entering the fingerprint, verify the fingerprint through the key after the door automatically open, belong to the operator to manage the corresponding key release, the indicator light, the operator removed the key, close the door. The computer is automatically recorded (a certain operator takes a key on a certain day). Angelica also key to verify the same fingerprint, after verification, the door open, the key also into the corresponding key position, Intelligent Key Management System close the door. Similarly, this process automatically records the computer (an operator on a certain day, a return to a key).

Fourth, the specific application of a military area of the modernization of the transformation, the need to add digital monitoring, computer networking, infrared on the radio alarm, intelligent key management and other intelligent key management system, intelligent key management system terminal equipment placed in the force monitoring center, Alarm host, monitoring control cabinet, TV wall and intelligent key management system cabinet.

A total of 50 key areas to be a centralized management of the key, the head of the army can monitor the use of the local key at any time through the local area network to grasp the real situation in the reservoir area. We have installed a "KWS - 60" intelligent key management system for the force. The maximum capacity of the intelligent key management system can manage 60 keys and 65 "IKC - 2002 type" self - locking key There are 5 spare), the smart key management system using 50 key management, the remaining 10 standby. For future expansion, the full communication with the troops will be the color of the cabinet with the adjacent TV wall sprayed into the same color, to maintain the coordination of the monitoring center equipment. The set of smart key management system for single cabinet design, Intelligent Key Management System the use of 17-inch LCD monitor, reducing the volume and easier to operate. After training and initial setup, two super managers and dozens of general key operators have been set up for the army management staff. Through the super-manager's authorization, so that more than one key operator to manage one or more keys, there are three keys set to two key operators at the same time management (that is, two operators at the same time enter the fingerprint, the key to release , The key for important departments).

 The intelligent key management system is also equipped with a set of manual control intelligent key management system, by the two super managers of their own key at the same time open the cabinet on the two locks, pull the various keys of the manual control switch, the relative key freed. This measure prevents the computer from failing to access the key due to a computer malfunction and can be temporarily controlled manually to ensure proper access to the key. The intelligent key management system also has two emergency switches, but also by the two super-managers in charge of the switch key at the same time open, open the smart key management system keys all released. This is the response to the emergency situation (such as: combat readiness, fire, etc.) need to open all the Treasury door, because the input fingerprint to take the key time is relatively long, need to immediately remove all the keys to deal with the emergency!

 The intelligent key management system also has a network function, through the force of the local area network, the Office of the head office in the computer to install the sub-control software, Intelligent Key Management System the director will be able to easily monitor the warehouse key is in place. Network function only force the local area network, in the monitoring center can be left RJ-45 network interface.