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Internet Patrol Management
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Patrol system is a set of auxiliary patrol you manage personnel in high technology products, with the development of patrol system completed a magnificent metamorphosis, turn after the patrol system of personalized service to every detail of your management. More robust, easier to use, is the goal pursued by the patrol system upgrading, the upgrade process is not included in the technology innovator in injection of soul, makes your management more simple, efficient and free is our purpose.

In fact, the so-called management but also is something that every day has to do some special period (Spring Festival holiday) should pay special attention to things, and some unexpected or accidental event, if in these three key points guard tour system can help you manage it well, what about management, what is the difficulty?

Every morning, the phone APP will patrol the previous day, missing information sent to you, clearance let your tea every day well aware of patrolling, informed questions in the shortest possible time, saving time, effort and hassle free.

The month, APP on time monthly summary report sent to your cell phone to remind you in the first time to summarize a month, can even be discussed at the meeting, for patrol report last month revealed problems, develop improvement plans this month, perfect inspection system of rewards and penalties. Avoid too busy and forget to monthly summary.