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Internet Patrol User Experience.
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Festival, and holiday, and travel, and travel, special period, APP active will patrol dynamic sent to you of phone, you also can through phone, and pad, and PC active Internet view patrol situation, again also without in million home reunion of when to units duty has, again also without worried travel, and travel Shi on patrol situation completely not knows has, has interconnected tour more, you can bold of to holiday duty said sound say goodbye! Life's too short to do the things you want to do it!

Life has a lot of accidents, although we can not prevent accidents from happening, but we have an obligation to stitch, when patrol officers patrol spotted some occasional situation by patrolling the system will upload patrol software, APP is the first time the event is sent as an SMS to the managers, so the administrator in the fastest time to understand the situation, and solve the problem. This played a role in nip in the bud, to the safe operation of the enterprise, to guarantee to the safety of life and property of the people.

Finally, borrowing a famous saying: "you are the author of your life, then write your life miserable. "How to choose is fundamental to a person, how to choose what doomed the consequences, choose a suitable management of patrol system, then your management will be simple, efficient and free. as well as antisense.