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Knowledge Of Electric Lock
- Dec 12, 2016 -

When the optional door lock, first you have to distinguish between 90 degrees to open the door (single door) and 180-degree door (double door) both, 180-degree door use plug electric locks, 90 degree door can use magnetic locks, electronic locks, cathode lock, glass door locks, mortise lock, and so on. Electric lock the bracket is chosen according to the situation. Door closers are determined in accordance with the weight of the door, the weight of the door by door size and material used.

That locks from a variety of technical indicators to identify it?

Passes the criteria of magnetic locks are generally available in DC12V or DC24V input voltage (difference between single loop and double loop), they choose by jumper, switch. Judge the merits of a magnetic lock, there are several ways:

1. Circuit Board

Poor-quality magnetic locks can be judged from the circuit board, bad rough magnetic circuit plate printed, layout very easy without the use of pressure-sensitive resistor (that is, the surge, there are generally two), and only one set of input voltage.

2. Measuring resistance

DC12V or DC24V magnetic lock switch jumper removed (Note: no power), generally have 4 terminals (jumper), measure the red and black lines, in about 50 ohms resistance is better.