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Locker Design Principles
- Jul 03, 2017 -

In different sizes of the room, has a different style of home, but the same is that people need a compartment rack or lockers, its storage function has become a bright spot at home. Today, the design of the introduction of a variety of powerful storage capacity of the locker for everyone, it's amazing is that you are unexpected Oh

The role of the lockers is gradually weakened, and many of the functions of storage are replaced by different regions. But for the more items, and no extra space to do storage expansion, lockers for them is the most simple and fastest way.

Lockers are the most common furniture at home and are indispensable furniture. Locker If you have a spacious wall at home, you can lay the lockers and decorate the walls at the same time.

Surrounded by hollowed out lockers

If the interior of the wall without any decoration, perhaps slightly monotonous, but if the wallpaper layout, or their preferences are different, can not meet all the needs. At this point, in the wall surrounded by digging empty lockers, rich interior scenery.

Lockers or set up doors, or open, central counter space, whether it is placed TV, or a large landscape, can highlight the quality of life. Open storage area of the books, Locker reveals a thick scholarly atmosphere.

Integral lockers

Here is like a study, put a desk, or pull a chair, whether it is a quiet afternoon or night, in this daze or reading, are extremely enjoyable.

Locker design principles:

First is the material selection.

There is a lot of material in the lockers, but what material is the most attractive? Is it a wooden locker or other material lockers? In fact, one of the most important problems with lockers is moisture! Locker If the lockers The material is not moisture, then it is really a disaster, a long time there will be a lot of problems.

Second, the style is chosen.

A locker can not be loved by people, and one thing is very important, that is, the design! People are like good things, not so beautiful things naturally not so popular, so the locker's style But also focus on the need to pay attention. Learn more about people's preferences and habits, Locker it is best to take a custom way, so that people can according to their own needs, to create their own style!

Third, is the function of choice.

In the use of lockers, people want them to have the lockers in addition to the storage function should also have what people need the function is also an important factor in locker design.