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Lockers Are Ergonomic
- Jun 16, 2017 -

The role of the lockers is gradually weakened, and many of the functions of storage are replaced by different regions. But for the more items, and no extra space to do storage expansion, lockers for them is the most simple and fastest way.

Different levels of life we will have a different choice, the community in progress, Locker people look for the choice of goods also have different experience. The pursuit of the swimming pool lockers is also the market for different consumers for the locker business requirements. For different design requirements we need to take into account, to pick better advice to consumers to design a more perfect swimming pool lockers. So the design for the swimming pool lockers is also the market trend, today we talk about the concept of swimming pool design which:

One, ergonomic

For any kind of product, as long as the consumer's own use of some items, most designers will consider the ergonomic design. Because to ensure that each product so that consumers are better use, Locker so need to consider a lot of aspects.

Second, simple

The installation of lockers is a very important issue for everyone. So the problem is still more concerned about the installation of customers. Now we have launched 3D installation video, Locker especially simple installation tutorial, we privately call it "fool" installation tutorial.

Third, apply

For the swimming pool lockers in a humid environment, if you are very comfortable with this need our lockers have special material, our swimming pool lockers are ABS material lockers that are waterproof and moistureproof, Locker suitable for In any place. So for our swimming pool lockers life is nearly 20 years.