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Lockers Can Decorate The Home Environment
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Lockers are generally divided into family lockers and commercial lockers, mainly used to facilitate the use of people, storage of different items, categorized. But also for the smaller space of the family or dormitory, Locker it is essential items, can make full use of space to accommodate more life items, but also can be a good decoration of people's home environment.

Lockers are widely used in office, government agencies, factories and other types of small parts, samples, molds, tools, electronic components, document information, design drawings, bills, catalogs, Locker forms and other storage management. A personal steward of personal belongings. It is not like the traditional wooden cabinet, easy to damage, impatient impact, and easy to breed bacteria, produce odor. The lockers are made of high quality cold rolled steel sheet, which has the superior performance of traditional wooden lockers.

Every family needs storage space, and some even have a separate storage room, dedicated to the storage of household items. But for small units, the space can be described as high cost of land. The design of the lockers is particularly important in the absence of a separate storage room. Locker Even if there is a special storage area, there are other rooms, restaurants and other space, and all the things are stored in the storage room, then living is extremely inconvenient. Here to give you a variety of powerful storage capacity of the lockers. For the upcoming new home you, must be of great benefit Oh

Foyer lockers

A door, bags, shoes, jackets, jewelry, decorations, Locker umbrellas and other items the first time to accept, so you from the door from the first moment on the easy. The

Restaurant lockers

Tea, tea, air conditioning was, red wine, glass, etc., guests come, with the use of take, do not mention how convenient.

Bedroom lockers

Season when you can receive clothing bedding, you can also collection of past memories, old but there are charm photos, small partners to send a small gift can all be put into the bedroom storage cabinet. Remember when you come out, easily turned over the green years.

Balcony lockers

Balcony with a washing machine, balcony cabinet design can be combined with drum washing machine design, so no longer perfect.