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Locking And Maintenance Of Lockers
- Jul 26, 2017 -

Home decoration, the storage is the consumer needs to focus on the aspects, a good design must have a super storage function. Can make the whole family become more clean and bright. Lockers are furniture that are essential for storage. Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to the type of lockers and maintenance methods, interested friends to see it!

Lockers, mainly used to facilitate the use of people, storage of different items, categorized. But also for the less space of the family, it is essential items, to make full use of space to accommodate more life items, but also can be a good decoration of people's home environment. Household lockers are mainly living room lockers, bedroom lockers, kitchen lockers, entrance lockers and so on.

Locker type

Decorative lockers as bedroom in the important area of the bedroom space, but also small apartment owners to store household appliances an important area. At this time the beautiful bedside cabinets, floor cabinets, dressing cabinet, can often play an unexpected storage effect. Locker Although the greatest effect of this kind of furniture is also decorative, but with the storage storage function, often magazines, like the best gadgets such as the harbor. Of course, with a bucket cabinet, bed box and other storage space to use the words, Locker storage capacity is still quite objective.

Universal locker universal locker with a unique material and the use of sophisticated design concept, so that furniture from the weight and style of a qualitative change occurred. Not only according to the user's requirements, assembled into universal lockers, storage cabinets, bookcases, shoe, etc., Locker but also because of light material, can be assembled features, allowing consumers to change with their own homes and take away The

Multi-function locker lockers do not have a fixed form, both like a cabinet, a cabinet so independent of the existence, but also like TV cabinets, Locker cabinets such as the existence of multi-functional form, so the use of lockers must be based on their own The demand and the actual situation of the home. But the practicality of this element, with a certain storage function of the TV cabinet, dressing cabinet and other furniture, no doubt more small apartment owners more pro-Lai some.

Locker cleaning and maintenance

1, first of all to regularly clean and clean the lockers. If the lockers have been used for some time, it is necessary to carry out some clean-up in order to keep the home environment clean and tidy. In the process of cleaning up, it is best to clean the lockers, wipe with a wet cloth wipe the locker, Locker and then dry with a dry cloth to avoid the moisture residue, easy to lead to the lock of the lock, But also for the storage of things is also unfavorable. And then wipe dry lockers, and then put the original items in the lockers stored in.

2, followed by to avoid the lockers and corrosive gases and liquid contact, to avoid the locker rot. Lockers are generally iron, wood, and plastic these three, and for these three materials, Locker are very taboo and corrosive objects in contact, so to avoid exposure to corrosive gases and liquids. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the residual moisture, moisture is also very easy to damage the lockers.

3, as well as for the cleaning and maintenance of lockers, but also to avoid scratching the surface of the locker. In order to maintain a locker, to keep the lockers of the beautiful luster, first of all, to avoid the locker access to sharp items, and then clean the lockers when the best choice of cloth is more soft fabric, to avoid Wipe the process and wipe the lockers.