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Patrol System Classification And The Advantages And Disadvantages
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Patrol was a preemptive move automatic identification technology to the inspectors in patrol work in time, address and automatically and accurately recorded. Also known as: patrol pen, patrol, patrol and inspection instrument. It was a patrol to inspection staff for scientific, standardized processing of new products. Order dealing with defence and security is an effective, science links programme. Any time, local frequency processing can apply it!

Routine patrol is divided into two types-contact "and" induction "

1. contact interests is shatter-resistant function well, because patrol pen as a whole is metal, no plastic case, the disadvantage is that care of trouble, because patrol stick head and the patrol point is necessary to touch on.

2. inductive interest convenient is packed and can be read within a few centimeters distance cards, without having to hit. Disadvantage is shatter-resistant no touch at all, as inductive patrol pen heads are molded, afraid of falling.