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Patrol System Of Medium And Small Users To Build Their Own Network Inputs
- Dec 12, 2016 -

Servers: 1, buy their own costs at more than 10,000, also require professional maintenance, maintenance man

The wages of 340,000;

Rent Server 2, 6000 per year;

Patrol system software: buy costs more than 5000;

Patrol sticks, network traffic, patrol point interconnection patrol system, personnel and the same medium;

User inputs using the Internet patrol:

Simply purchase on the truth patrol pen, network communication, you can use the Internet patrol system;

No need to buy server, only really to provide you with services;

Without maintenance, the only real professional technicians to help you maintain;

No need to purchase software, direct use of interconnected patrol system;

30 days free of charge, if not feel free to return;

Small and medium users for using the Internet patrol that he reduce input costs and risks;