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Safe Protection Function Of Locker
- Oct 16, 2017 -

Lockers in our lives and the family are essential, so we either in the new home or later in the decoration of life, it must be considered to the scope of decoration. If you do not prepare ahead of time, it is bound to be in the middle of our decoration to create a certain degree of difficulty, Locker not only in the duration of the extension, but also in the money caused a certain amount of waste. So we have to take this storage locker into consideration at the beginning of the renovation.

The design of locker must have development vision

If we want to have a good storage cabinet, we must have the strategic vision of decoration, considering the future in the home life problems, because over time, Locker we need to store the number of items will also increase, the footprint will be more and more space. If in the future use, suddenly found this storage space is too small, Locker and then want to melt the transformation is not an easy thing. Therefore, there must be a development perspective on the issue of space reservation to set aside the space that may be needed in future.

Problem of size of locker

In fact, the problem is the space of storage. In the storage cabinet size of various considerations, not only to take into account the space we need to place items, Locker but also to consider the location of the cabinet in the House, to the cabinet and its surroundings to fit into the environment. The key is to consider how many people need to put clothes, sundries, in the future will be about how much more. Locker Choose the size according to this standard, the deviation will not be many.

If you want to have an ideal locker, you still need to pour a lot of attention on us. In the selection process, in addition to the above problems, but also note the color of the cabinet, a lot of people just notice the size of the cabinet, but the color of the cabinet to forget, the result random to choose a seemingly beautiful cabinets back, placed in the house only to find with the overall style, is so incompatible. Locker It is easy to overlook this point, please remember.

The main role of lockers is to facilitate people to store items, so that we do not because in the shopping time because of the goods on the hands of a lot of trouble. So, what are the outstanding advantages of it?

Locker Features:

1, Advanced management function: Menu-type advanced management function mainly realizes the storage cabinet basic parameter setting, the Management basic function, Locker the support management password change and so on.

2, security protection function:

A: Unique password generation technology and encryption technology to ensure the uniqueness and security of information.

B: Internal data can be stored for more than 10 years, to ensure data security.

C: Bar code paper timeout does not take automatic revocation function.

3, record inquiry: Can check the record at any time, including the storage package, the use of the cabinet number, box number and the time to take the package (the user to take the package or through management to take the package), support 40 records per box of the query printing, to avoid disputes.

Storage cabinets that operate simple confidentiality and security and high, can be said to be very popular, it is only beneficial to us, no harm, is a life in a lot of convenient products. Locker Its use is to a large extent to increase the user's convenience, can improve the quality of life for us. Especially with the current pace of life is constantly speeding up, the need for this convenient and efficient safe and reliable products.