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The Basic Function Of The Locker
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Lockers are used to put some of their own things are not commonly used! Such as their own clothes do not often wear, shoes, can be placed there! Like the closet at home!

In today's life, people's home decoration in full swing, for the room space control is also need to be treated seriously. Lockers are basically a kind of furniture for each family, and the rational use of space on the lockers need to design some, so as to make the entire family space reasonable and substantial, Locker the following article for everyone to specifically describe the lockers Design some of the principles and functions.

Locker design - the principles of locker design

Generally open kitchen refers to the non-enclosed lockers cut off, that is, the kitchen space and the restaurant into one or adjacent to the living room space without any block of space. The lockers are spacious because they are spacious and shaped, so more and more people have turned the kitchen into lockers.

In the kitchen will be separated from the cooking area and the operating area to open the kitchen, but also one of the ways to block the fumes. In fact, the Chinese kitchen is not suitable for making open, because the cooking style of Chinese food must produce a lot of fumes, open kitchen, although beautiful, Locker but for those who like to eat Chinese food is indeed not practical. So many designers in the face of this problem, the basic will give a most simple and most practical way - the kitchen closed up. Generally in the decoration, many people will be a wall of the kitchen destroyed, made of kitchen partition. This seems to be relatively large space, and the integrity of the strong. So the kitchen cut off and then listen to it is a more funny and more troublesome thing, Locker it will destroy the original sense of the whole, and from where the closure is also need to consider and design. If there is no design sense, casually sealed, although sealed fumes, it will indeed affect the appearance.

Locker design - the basic functions of lockers

Hard to install an open kitchen, due to the reasons for the apartment must be installed a partition can be perfect, then how to set the locker partition, today Xiaobian to collect some information, let us look at the open kitchen partition How to set it Having a well-designed and well-decorated kitchen will make you enjoyable. Kitchen decoration should first focus on its functionality. To create a warm and comfortable kitchen, Locker a visual clean and fresh; two have a comfortable and convenient operation center: cabinet to take into account the scientific and comfort. The height of the stove, the distance between the stove and the pool, the distance between the fridge and the stove, the dishes, the vegetables, the cooking, the cooked vegetables have their own space, Locker the cabinet should design the drawer; the three must have fun: For the modern family, Not only cooking place, but also family space, leisure stage, craft painting, green plants and other decorations began to enter the kitchen, and breakfast table, bar and so on to become a good idea to create a leisure space, cooking can What is the view of the day and the day before dinner?

Locker design is a more important home decoration in a decoration, for the locker design needs to focus on, only the lockers designed to protect people's homes as a whole can be a reasonable use of space. The above article for everyone to introduce the locker design of some of the functions and principles, I believe we have seen after all know.