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The Reliability Of The Inspection System
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Patrol system components

1.PDA mobile terminal

PDA mobile terminal by the inspectors to inspect the transmission line to carry, the operating system for Windows CE 5.0, the hardware mainly includes RFID radio, 3G communications and GPS positioning three modules. Based on RFID, 3G, GPS transmission line inspection management system, the use of PDA's powerful features, Guard Tour System combined with RFID identification technology and GPS positioning technology, the use of 3G wireless network fast and real-time communication with the server, to exchange a variety of effective data.

First, RFID radio module

RFID radio module is mainly installed on the tower RFID tags and scan the user area to write the state information, the read and write distance parameters: reading distance of about 3m, Guard Tour System write distance of about 1m, to meet the line inspection work requirements.

Second, 3G communication module

In the PDA mobile terminal built-in 3G communication module, Guard Tour System PDA terminal and PC server to achieve real-time communication between the server. 3G communication module using TD-SCDMA standard, can simultaneously transmit voice and data information, to achieve transmission line inspection information data real-time transmission, inspection personnel and operation and management personnel real-time voice calls.

Third, GPS positioning module

GPS positioning module using SIRF star III chipset, Guard Tour System fully meet the intelligent transmission line inspection system requirements, the basic technical parameters:

(1) Number of channels: 20;

(2) hot start time: 2s;

(3) positioning accuracy: about 10m. GPS positioning module can be real-time access to the latitude and longitude location information.

Substation using the patrol system, you can make the entire electric bureau of the inspection work to a higher height, to ensure that the inspection work can be effectively implemented, and to ensure the management of equipment, equipment maintenance and other reliable data According to the same time, Guard Tour System the implementation of the project will greatly reduce the labor intensity of the inspection staff to inspect the work, to achieve the inspection data of paperless, information, standardization, so that the equipment may be hidden in a timely manner, will improve the entire power bureau The ability to manage the equipment to improve the objectivity of the equipment inspection, mandatory, to avoid artificial omissions, timely troubleshooting and accident risks, to extend the service life of equipment to improve the reliability of equipment. Through the implementation of this project, cocoa greatly reduces the potential equipment problems, with great economic benefits.