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Work Flow Of Patrol System
- Aug 07, 2017 -

Patrol system can be automatically replaced no choice, all the running track in a timely manner to the server, through the computer can be seen access time, running track, in the hospital stay time. In case of unexpected time can upload specific location and in the Management center call for help.

The patrol system can not only supervise the service staff position but also supervise the guards, Guard Tour System because the transmitter must be in a limited distance to the data connection, once beyond the limited distance intelligent system will automatically alarm and send data to the server in real time, play an effective monitoring role.

Inspection system Workflow

1, supervise the prison guard to open the intelligent collector, read the transmitter information on the wearer, and then enter the name of the service person and send his name to the server.

2, after the prison registry in the outdoor wait 30 seconds after the GPS identify the current position, Guard Tour System and then set out

3, after arriving at the hospital to enter the indoor intelligent system automatically start the GSM positioning function, because the switch to the base station mode of intelligent system to the server sent into the room information prompts. After going outdoors to switch to GPS positioning, the system sends a hint to the server to leave the room.

4. After returning to the prison registration Office, the software prompts the staff to leave and supervise the prison staff after they have left the service.

Note: If the supervision of the guards in the middle of the distance of more than 10 meters away from the staff will be the collector has alarm prompts, and send information to the server prompts.

Give full play to the real-time patrol system characteristics, timing, timing of the terminal site for real-time viewing. Network leave traces, at any time to view. Guard Tour System Network inspection mainly take a look at whether the network Unicom, see whether the activity is normal to carry out, see whether the video is smooth and so on "three see" way, patrol system on the scene of the activity to take photos or video, data network storage, while the village network cameras are equipped with 8g storage card, Guard Tour System by setting the time and location of patrol, the administrator through the computer or mobile phone, anytime, anywhere to view. Remote assessment, results notification.